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Bitcoin Penny

Reward: 6 satoshi every 15 minutes
Bonus: additional 4 satoshi by solving the shortlink

Visit this Short Link and click on   Skip Ad   button to get extra 4 satoshi on your next claim.

Your Microwallet :  

Please solve the captcha:

Your Reflink :
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Welcome to Bitcoin Penny! You can claim 12 satoshis every 15 minutes.
The satoshis are immediately widthdrawable to FaucetHub, the leading micro-payment platform.
Please make sure you already own an account on FaucetHub website in order to claim your satoshis.

Guideline :
1. Enter your bitcoin wallet and solve the Captcha
/!\ If you see Client error 117B, it means that you are behind a proxy, sorry we don't allow proxies to use our faucet.
2. Claim!
If you don't see antibot links, please refresh the page!
Happy fauceting! Enjoy Free Bitcoin!